Travel Tip #2 

I think I vaguely recall that I was going to come up with some more travel tips...


*scratches head*


Tip #2: Choose an Appropriate Travel Partner
Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I am easily the best travel partner in the world.

Ok ok ok, so maybe there's a touch of hyperbole in the previous statement. I was actually independently verified by Forbes as the #2 best travel partner in the world (one spot behind a lady named Opera or Oprah or something). But you don't have to click on that link to the Forbes list. Just take my word for it...

In fact, I must insist that you not click on that link. This is a writer/reader relationship based on trust...and I won't have you clicking on links to verify every little fact that I write in this blog.


So like I was saying...anyone...even Oprah (GYPSY!)...would give her right arm to travel with me. ...but then I'd probably have to carry her luggage out of pity (I mean, she did just give up an arm), and nobody wants that.

But, my friends, not everyone is the #2 travel partner in the world. I have to choose my partners very carefully.

For our recent trip to Europe, I chose Sethie!

Sethie is a great travel mate. He reads travel books, plans transportation to sites, and humors me when I get travel weary.

Sethie (In a sing-songy voice): "Kerry! Goddess of the Morning! Sunshine of my life! It's time to get up and start a brand new day!"

Kerry (bleary-eyed): "Uugggghh...Start the day? I'll start YOUR FACE."

Sethie: "That doesn't make any sense, cupcake!"

Kerry: "Oh! So I don't make sense!? Your (unintelligible mumbling) face (more mumbling) sense (mumbling) stab!"

Ok...so maybe I'm not perfect. My feet hurt, I get tired, and sometimes...just sometimes...I get to be a wee bit cranky.

So it's important to travel with someone who is willing to put up with that, be flexible, and know when to stop pushing the pace quite so hard.

We've been on dozens of vacations together now, and have never resorted to knife play! Whoop-de-whoop! Huzzah!

Hmmm...4.5 years of marriage and no knife play? Maybe we should write a book.

After a long day @ Versailles. My feet were very very sad and hurty. This made the rest of me sad and hurty.


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