Wildly Entertaining... 

I have to give some love to "That's Not Art.".

According to the website:
People post ridiculous "art" to Tumblr. These pieces frequently make it into Popular. I reblog them here and call them out for being stupid.
Written by Garrett Murray

Some of my favorites:

One Day to Live

No offense to whoever you wrote this about, but this is a stupid waste of your last day on earth. I can think of many other things you could do, most of which could involve the eyeball person, that wouldn’t feel like you were just sitting still, staring creepily until you dropped dead. You could go to the batting cages, or have a nice dinner, or you could play scrabble or make a pie. Basically, anything but literally standing still, staring at someone for 24 hours straight

Take a Breath

Here’s a little thing you might want to try enjoying: anti-aliasing. And seriously, is that Y really hanging off the frame? REALLY? This whole image is so piss-poor. Actually, scratch that—I would rather look at an image of someone pissing poorly than this. If you find an image of someone attempting to piss well but failing, send it to me and I’ll replace this one with that one.

Probably Be Happy

It’s so easy to disprove this theory. For instance, the following locations would most definitely make you unhappy, regardless of who you went with: A small room filled with spikes, a lava pit, a feces luncheon, my ex-mother-in-law’s house (especially on Saturdays when she has already had three or four drinks), or outer space without a space suit.

A feces luncheon? That's pure gold.


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