Snowmageddon / Snowpocalypse 2010 : A Childless Yuppie's Perspective... 

Everyone I know in Chicago is thinking of Kerry as they watch their evening news...

"OMG! Poor Kerry is in the thick of Snowmageddon 2010!"

This is true.

There I am. That's the street we live on. It really is a shit ton of snow...

"Shit ton" - a unit of measurement signifying a large quantity. What a great descriptor. ...and some people still favor the metric system. Humph.

What makes large quantities of snow unpleasant?
1. Digging yourself out of everywhere (digging out your car, your driveway, your sidewalk, etc.)
2. Moving from point a to b in the large quantities of powder.

Nobody knows this better than Native Chicagoans. I used to dig out my car, unfreeze the locks, fishtail to school, park a mile away, and traverse through the drifts to get to class. When I finally got there...tears streaming down my face from the stiff winds...I would glare at the teacher / professor...

You BETTER teach me something worth learning today. I don't wanna have to whoop somebody's ass.

Ah yes, but as Seth has pointed out, "we pay way too much in rent to have to pick up a shovel."

Indeed. That takes care of #1.

And with no car to drive and nowhere to drive it (university has been closed for several days now), that pretty much takes care of #2. Now, moving from point a to b consists of walking to the local Starbucks or grocery store.

So what happens when you have lots of snow, but no responsibility to move it or trudge through it?



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