I honestly hadn't finished my first beer... 

Let it be known that Seth and I have a reputation for keeping it classy. We traditionally only frequent places where we can be seen by the "right" crowd. Oh...and they have to have chicken fingers on the menu. Needless to say, this slightly limits our choices to a select few.

We headed out after work yesterday to a local pub.

All of a sudden I heard "bang"! *glass shattering*

No big deal, people drop glasses/bottles all the time.

Then I hear a loud cantankerous voice scream, "Suck my ****! Suck my ****! Suck my ****!"

I turn around to see waiters scurry over to a table with two old men. These guys were old...like...really old. I think I saw one of them wearing his War of 1812 regalia.

...or maybe not.

At any rate, it turns out that one of the men threw a glass and started screaming obscenities at the other. Why, you ask?

Over a rough and tumble game of backgammon.

I told you we keep it classy.


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