The Student has become the professional has become the student, grasshopper. 

So Justin is thinking about heading back to school…well…I guess…so am I.

I don’t think there’s any doubt about this…I really enjoy being on a campus. Of course, on the one hand, I feel slightly miffed by this career path because my main job function is basically to facilitate other people’s passions (e.g. you teach, grade papers, and research…I’ll make sure we all get paid and we’re spending mommy and daddy’s money in an efficient way. More importantly, that we’re spending Uncle Sam’s money in the way he expects. Plus, I engage in a little gentle whip cracking to see that we’re all doing our part to apply for more money so we can limit the pressure on the revenue from mommy and daddy’s checkbooks. Apply, apply, apply. If there’s money out there for what you do…please get it. I promise you’ll eat most of what you kill. And with that, I guess we’ve determined that I don’t work a lot with the English Dept.). On the other hand, I’m happy to be around people who are passionate about something. And I’m in a place to rediscover my passions, or maybe find a new one. Exciting!

So many choices. The choices! No tuition / fees to pay and all of the graduate classes here start at 5 or later, so I’m golden…I just have to pick what fancies me. Of course, herein lies the problem…

I could continue my life as Ms. Practical and go after a Master’s in Higher Education Financial Management. …or an MBA…or a Master’s in Finance.

Or I could do something fun, like a graduate certificate in Int’l Economic Policy. I see absolutely no practical application of taking six courses in International Economics / Business, but it’s a portion of my background that I’ve always been interested in and lacking. (Or maybe language classes, or a graduate certificate in survey and data analysis. Who knows!?).

I want something rigorous, and I don’t really want to get an MBA…I could be wrong, but that whole process seems more like a test of how long you’re able to endure part-time monotony and group work. Ideally I’d like to light up parts of my brain AND have something practical at the end of the day (practical in the sense of acquiring knowledge and obtaining a useful credential).

Is this even possible?


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