One fewer toilet...one fewer auto... 

Have I ever mentioned on here how I hate cars?

Okay...that's not exactly true. I don't hate cars; they're a necessary and sometimes efficient means of getting from 'a' to 'b'. I just don't believe in purchasing vehicles that go above and beyond safe, reliable transportation.

There's two pretty strong camps on this one, and I think I'll definitely get some push back from those on the other side of the spectrum. There's a group of people who really love their fancy schmancy autos. Can anyone blame them? I mean, why did I always want a Porsche growing up? Because Barbie drove one. Car manufacturers do an excellent job of branding 'cool' and 'luxury'.

And for some, it's just what they're into. And that's fine. I appreciate that a car can be beautiful. I respect that. I also have hobbies. For example, I'm into saving and investments.


"But Kerry, some cars are good investments."

Valid point. And if your name is Jay Leno, I stand corrected. It's the definition of "some" in the previous sentence that confuses most other people. "Some" means almost none. Like...approaching zero. A car that "holds its value" is not quite the same as a good investment.

This topic always gets me fired up...

Calm down, Kerry...

Count to 10...

Okay. So, there's nothing wrong with purchasing expensive German autos so you can drive to your kid's soccer practices and Whole Foods. If the BMW emblem adds that much value into your life, then so be it. I'm in no position to tell other people how to live their lives. In fact, I abhor the type of person who would attempt to do so.

Be that as it may, our household dumped off one of its autos today. And I couldn't be happier! We're both taking the metro to work and barely have need for one car, let alone two. No more maintenance, no more $100 per month parking charge, no more depreciation. Amen! Freedom!

Sweetness. I think I could get used to this.


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