All About Carrie. 

Once upon a time, there was a hypothetical girl in a hypothetical world. Let’s call her…Carrie. Carrie was an extremely beautiful and intelligent girl (with a killer bod) who always wanted to be an economist.

Did I say that she always wanted to be an economist? Ok…so that’s not entirely true. She never actually knew what she wanted to be when she grew up. She flip-flopped. Often. First it was magician…then President of the United States…then journalist. Economist seemed to be a reasonable compromise.

Well folks, sometime in between pursuing the dream and experiencing the reality, Carrie never became an economist. She’s just on a different path. It’s not a bad path…it’s actually a very happy path...it’s just dissimilar from where she imagined herself.

Now, Carrie is amidst another life change.

She recently interviewed and received two job offers located in a North American national capital (not that one).

One is at a think tank (not that oneor that oneor that one).

One is at a university (not that oneor that one).

…two types of places where Carrie always imagined herself in a city that she has always adored.

Carrie feels as though accepting either of these job offers will propel her career forward, but may take her further from what she’s always wanted to do.


Is that okay? Should she just throw caution to the wind and accept that janitorial position at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México?


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