Sweet Crib... 

Sometimes...when I'm as idle as a copy of On the Origin of Species in a Kansas school library, I like to think about what television show house I'd like to live in...

Family Ties - Really had that late 70's flair, but seems to be lacking available chairs. Way too many tchotchkes, and it looks like the Keatons liked to wear their shoes around inside. ...F***ing hippie slobs.

Full House - Seriously? Flippin...sweet...house.
"It's so opulent; like the Playboy Mansion, but non-sexual." - Marge Simpson
Why wouldn't you want to live in San Francisco? First order of business? Kick those creepy Olsen Twins to the curb. You got it, dude! Then I'd have Jesse and the Rippers play at my housewarming party. ...'cause that's how I roll.

The Cosby Show - Structurally, this house has great bones. But I suppose that being a lawyer and a doctor doesn't leave much time for decorating ...because holy shit, this is quite tacky. From the looks of it, I don't doubt that they're a pair of petty thieves who get a giddy thrill from stealing hotel room art...ugh.

My Two Dads - I remember absolutely nothing about this show besides flimsy plotlines and a sweet crib (I seem to remember something about a girl having two dads, but I could be way off base here). You can't go wrong with a couch that looks like a car. It's both timeless & classic...like slouch socks and acid washed blue jeans.

Frasier - Honestly, this is probably the closest to my own aesthetic. From the knock-off Chihuly piece in the background to the old man sitting on the couch....every last detail is accounted for.

Where would you live? Melrose Place? Archie Bunker's pad? Carrie Bradshaw's apartment?


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