Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time... 

So, we deal with quite a bit of pedestrian traffic. There's a port a few blocks away where cruise ships pull in every weekend and throngs of middle-aged fanny packers flood my sidewalks. Damn old people who walk four abreast. Why on earth would you need to walk four abreast? As we were out walking today, I had convinced myself that I am the only person on the sidewalk who moves for other people.

I am the only considerate person on earth.

If I did not move, people would walk right into me.

I had so thoroughly convinced myself that I am the only one who moves, that I decided to conduct an experiment...

"I am going to walk in a straight path on my side of the sidewalk. I will not move or yield for anyone."

About 10 seconds into my experiment....


I put my shoulder and hip into a tiny college student and knocked her back a few feet. After I said, "I'm sorry!"... I almost immediately started laughing. Experiment concluded.

Proving once again that I AM the most considerate person on earth.


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