Happy Inventory 

Like most people (most people with a frontal lobe, at least) I have a happy inventory. I often draw on memories and experiences that immediately make me smile or laugh.

Not surprisingly, this has caused one or two problems for me in the past when I happen to smile or laugh at extremely inappropriate moments. I just want to say, “Who you callin’ a psycho!? Listen, pal…I’m a little stressed out right now …so I went into the recesses of my brain took a memory from my happy inventory…”

Blah, freakin, blah…

So anyways, my darling husband and I are crazy when it comes to purchasing sporting goods. At this point, it’s fairly surprising that we don’t own fox hunting equipment. A wife can get a little nervous when a man like that goes to Dick’s Sporting Goods without a chaperone.

He came home with a camelbak. It’s just a backpack filled with water that’s typically used to hydrate cyclists on long treks.

“Why did you get that, Seth?”

“Hydration is a very important part of healthy living, Kerry.”

“Then you may want to rethink your plan to recreate the ‘Bacon Explosion,’ Seth.”

I’m glad that he’s happy with his purchase…but the day that he got it, he tried to wear it under his shirt before going out to a pub. Seriously? My name is not Esmerelda…you are not Quasimodo…if you’re thirsty at the bar, get a ‘cup’ of water. Believe it or not…a ‘cup’ has been the drinking vessel of choice for thousands of years.

And...obviously…he’s never used it on a long cycling trek. He just likes to sit on the couch or lie in bed and suck water from a backpack.

It makes me smile every time I think about it. At the moment, it’s a very frequently used device to put me in a good mood. …“hydration is a very important part of healthy living.”

I’m married to a man I really adore.


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