He's Makin' a List... 

3 bikes. 2 people. It just wasn't making much sense. Months ago, Seth and I bought ourselves some fancy hybrid bicycles after his craptacular pawn shop bicycle got stolen.

A note to those planning on visiting Charleston with their fancy cycles:

Lock your shit up. And after you lock it up, don't just leave it there for days and assume it's safe. I've seen evidence of 13-year old boys walking around with bolt cutters...in broad daylight. People like that really define the word "daft"...or maybe just "stupid"...take your pick.

Getting back to the point...

They took Seth's bike, but left my Money Man Pawn jewel behind. So there we have it: 3 bikes. 2 people. Since we're currently storing the bikes in our one bedroom apartment, we decided to free up some space and conduct a little experiment.

We put her out there on Superbowl Sunday...unlocked.

And guess what...

She's still there! Untouched! And has lasted longer than Seth's previous victim that was LOCKED UP. It's amazing.

Well actually, maybe not as amazing as it seems.
When we dropped her off, we attached a little note...

Conclusion: Santa's apparent pull on the morals of today's youth must be incredibly strong. In economics, we call these kind of results "robust."


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