The Blind Leading the Blind 

I'm blind. Really blind.

Like...if someone extremely recognizable came up to me on the street when I wasn't wearing corrective eyewear...

hmmm...let's say Tom Hanks...

if Tom Hanks came up to me on the street when I wasn't wearing glasses/contacts, and pimp slapped me across my face...then took my purse...
I would have a dilly of a time trying to explain what my assailant looked like to the police sketch artist.

"The attacker was kind of a peachy colored amorphous blob. It had dark hair...or maybe it was a hat. Oh...and it was clothed."

Tom Hanks would have gotten away with my purse and all of its inherent goodies..."Oh no! My crusty kleenex are gone!"

Needless to say, I rely heavily on my eyewear. And unless your name is Seth, it is fairly unlikely that you've seen me in glasses for the past 4 years.
Truth be told, I break all of my glasses. I fall asleep in 'em, roll over 'em, and they fall victim to the crushing weight of my fat ass. Good times.

I haven't had glasses for years, but I thought I would give zenni optical a try. 2 pairs, $30 including shipping. Seriously? Seriously. Of course I was skeptical about prescription eyewear from Hong Kong, but after about a month of waiting, I have been more than pleasantly surprised. Why should I drop a couple of benjamins on something that's just going to get crushed by my ass?

If you're looking for a back-up pair, I'd recommend it!


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