So…a bit of unfortunate news….

I had two conflicting goals in my list of 28 things I want to do before turning 28. It happens.

It turns out that when I’ll be succeeding at my goal to watch a bullfight, I’ll be missing my opportunity to finish the bridge run in less than 58 minutes. My lovely husband and I will be traveling to Madrid and London in April. Woo hoo! I get to speak in accents!

Cheerio! Spot of tea, Guvna? Oh blimey! That’s just a lovely crumpet…

Yes. Yes this will be great fun indeed.

On a completely and absolutely unrelated note…

I’m kinda miffed when people refer to me as a “bean counter.” And it’s always in a derogatory fashion. Like, “I could actually do my job if it weren’t for you damn bean counters.” So let’s get this straight…

First of all, I’m not an accountant.

Second of all, I rarely count beans. And when I do, it’s because they’ve passed through my body completely undigested.

e.g: “Look, honey! Two beans this time!”

Moving on…

The economy is freaking me out. I’ve never really done this whole “recession” thing, and I think that this cold spell and the lack of charity are really making our homeless people cranky. This morning:

Kerry (addressing the homeless men she walks by every morning who wait to get inside the library): “Good Morning, Guys.”

Homeless Man: “Good Morning, can you spare a quarter?”

Kerry: “I’m sorry. I don’t have any change.”

Homeless Man: “I’m sorry that I’m going to have to dump that cup of coffee on your head.”

Kerry: “I’m sorry that I had LOTS of quarters and didn’t want to give any to you.”

Then I flipped a quarter to a different homeless guy a few feet away.
But you see what I mean? Cranky.

And yes, the economy is freaking me out. How many articles can I read about a once high flying executive who now fights for a job as a Kohl’s cashier? Is that for real?

What do you call it when a line just touches a curve at one point? Oh…that’s right…a tangent…

I always appreciated Kohl’s because they are the only store I’ve ever seen that will dress a mannequin and then position it in a wheelchair. …But then they put that same mannequin on a platform without a ramp. I always thought that was so cruel when I was going through my childhood “mannequins come to life after the store closes” phase.


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