Potpourri 2! 

Hooray! I got my frame back from the frame shop. I was waiting for their call like a giddy little school girl.

"Gee! Do you think he'll call!? I paid him up front."

It was like high school all over again.

I'm a big fan. I've liked Ork Posters for a while, and this reminds me a bit of home.

Speaking of...

Whenever I reference "Chicagoland" to my South Carolina pals, they look at me and say, "Chicago-land? Weeeeee! That sounds like such a fun place! Why would you ever leave Chicago-land for Charleston-land!?"

It's not easy living away from home because you miss so many of the little things. For instance, I've developed a somewhat unhealthy obsession with Chicagoland's Pastorelli Pizza Sauce. I could eat it straight from the can (and maybe I have just once or twice). The stuff is DELICIOUS (especially on hot italian sausage), and I used to have to ration it out for special occasions.

"Well, it is Thanksgiving...you carve the turkey, and I'll open the Pastorelli."

No more shortages! I've started to order it in cases from their website, and I've even erected a small (20 can) Pastorelli Pyramid in our kitchen.

I have this theory that Warhol did the whole Campbell Soup thing only because he had never experienced Pastorelli Pizza Sauce. Poor bastard.

And while I was ordering ridiculous things from the internet...

I was thinking about getting a t-shirt with this logo for our trip to London.

Seth is pretty sure that I'll get my ass kicked. I don't think that's true...if anything, he'll get his ass kicked while trying to defend me.

I think it's hilarious...but what do you think?

Too soon?


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