Stuffed Up Cerebrum... 

You’re probably like me…

You can remember the names of all of the actors in the Brady Bunch (Sam the Butcher: Allen Melvin), but come up short when you’re trying to remember the name of the person you were introduced to moments ago.

You can easily activate Chun Li’s "spinning bird kick" in a Street Fighter video game, but you can’t remember birthdays of family members.

I’m convinced that by knowing all of the dialogue from the movie “Rudy,” that I’m sucking up important grey matter that could’ve been put to a more useful purpose. Like when I open the closet and can't remember why I opened the closet...

Damn You, Rudy!

I wasn’t consciously trying to learn these things…it just happened.

An analogy if you will…

Learning stuff is like taking a giant pile of dog shit and launching it against a brick wall. Some of it ricochets; it never had a chance. Some of it sticks for a little while, and falls off. Other parts of it stay there forever. And it feels mostly random.

Like the grocery store near my house that always described the products in one aisle as “aseptics.”

Like…ok…I know what a- means, and I’m pretty sure I can figure out what –septic means, but I’ve never seen or heard that word in any other context (probably because I don’t study medicine). It feels like such a strange way to describe my grape juice. Nevertheless, that was one piece of shit that has stuck to my wall since I was a wee lass.

Aside: it always struck me as strange that the grocery store took care in enhancing my vocabulary, but not my grammar (“10 items or less”?).

So, what’s one thing that sticks to your wall that you wish would fall off and make room for something slightly more important?


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