I'm only 26! 

You know you're starting to look old when kids hanging around outside the grocery store ask you to buy beer for them.

Uhhh...hello? I'm only 26! How could you tell that I wasn't stuck in a similar underage predicament? No wrinkles...no grey hair...an ass like a teenager. How could you possibly know!?

I'm slightly flattered that I look like a cool enough person to proposition...


I really did a double take when you asked for six cases. Really?

Breaking the law for a stranger? Please. I might briefly entertain the idea of contributing to the deliquency of a minor...but 30 or 40 minors?

Pass on that.

It's better this way I guess. As soon as I got into the store, the store manager asked me if you kids were looking to 'score some beer.' (The store manager must be older and more uncool than myself...it's a small victory, but I'll take what I can get)

You ran off as soon as he pointed at you.

Have fun at your party, college kiddies. You'll be 26 before you know it.


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