Bruce Weber Sighting! 

We were watching the Illinois v. Michigan game at home yesterday when some friends called us...

"We're at King Street Grille, and Bruce Weber is sitting at the bar."

No. Way.

King Street Grille is about 4 blocks away from our home...and like the giant dorks that we are...we ran.

Apparently Coach Weber was enjoying some college football with fellow coaches Ricardo Patton (Northern Illinois) and Chris Lowery (Southern Illinois). They started to leave the bar, and we beckoned him over.

Kerry: "Mr. Weber! It's fantasic to meet you. We're huge fans. Would you do me a tremendous favor and mind taking a picture with my husband and I? It would be our Christmas Card."

Coach: "Sure. No problem."

Kerry: "We LOVE what you're doing with the program."

Seth: "As long as you can get Jereme Richmond and Crandall Head."

Coach: "Ah!" *Nods Head*

Give us a break, folks...he's like our Elvis.


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