Hanna didn't wanna party with me. Pffft. She's not even going to be a hurricane. Dumb personified bitch. She's off to North Carolina; and for reasons I have yet to understand, my office (along with many many others) will be closed tomorrow.

It's not that I'm not grateful for the three day weekend, but it seems overly cautious. I guess I'm just a product of the Chicago burbs. It snows, we get up, shovel the car out, and head to work/school. I had one snow day in my entire life.

The geography here is a little different...lots of bridges...lots of islands. If the wind starts whipping (>39 mph winds sustained for a couple minutes...which is still a real possibility), they'll shut down the bridges and people will be stranded. I must be some kind of Midwestern Maverick who doesn't fully understand the approaching threat.

For now, I'll be watching the radar for what seems to be round 2 of hurricane roulette.

This Ike will NOT make me his Tina.

If it looks like he might come up the coast, it'll be time to get the hell outta Dodge.


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