So Tired. Need Sleepy. 

Don't you ever feel like you need a weekend to recover from your weekend?

Seth and I went to a charity bachelor auction on Friday night. Awesome time, but we woke our butts up on Saturday and were at the Charleston Scottish Games by 8AM to help park cars. It was freezing! Most of the time, I was sitting next to a group of old Irish Hibernians who were giving out free samples of their Irish whiskey and vodka.

Uhhh...it got warmer.

Goodness! All those kilts. Too many old man knees for one afternoon. I'm not Scottish, but I did wear my plaid scarf. From the pattern, you can tell I'm of the Clan Ralph Lauren. Scottish Games are like a weird combination of a Renaissance Fair and a Drag Show where the queens are really butch and have thick moustaches.

We got to watch some people throw poles...which is cool if you have a thing for thrown poles. ...which I do.

Later that evening, we made an appearance at the Charleston Beer Festival. It was delicious. Dancing ensued.


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