Hurricane Central 

So…it looks like after living on the east cost for 3 years, I might actually have my first taste of a hurricane. Hello Hanna.

As a perennial member of “non-essential personnel” (praise Jesus), I have little to no responsibilities during a storm except to sit my happy ass in the center of a room and try not to get killed. I can do that. I’m really good at sitting. …and I’m alive while I’m typing this, so I must be pretty good at sustaining a pulse too.

Kerry 2. Hurricane 0.

Of course…we live at sea level (well, the ground floor is actually at 4ft above sea level)…about 2 blocks from the harbor.

Kerry 2. Hurricane 2.

We went to the store last night after winning $50 at bar trivia (my knowledge of labor unions helped win us a round of beers. Thank you, higher education!). …but they were out of gallon jugs of water…

Kerry 2. Hurricane 3.

So…we bought canned water (with malt, barley, and hops) instead.

Kerry 3. Hurricane 3.

Seth and Kerry drank some of the hurricane supplies.

Kerry 2. Hurricane 3.

Seriously folks…I think we’ll be just fine. The rain will endure and bring a biblical plague of mosquitoes, but I don’t anticipate anything worse than a night of board games by candlelight.

Like I told Seth…if our second floor condo starts to flood, we shouldn't bother trying to save our possessions; we’d be better off trying to round up two of every animal.


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