Down Goes Frazier! 

We lost our kickball game today. Bummer. Even worse than that, our star player (*cough* me *cough*) had a scary injury moment.

Seth and I are probably the most competitive people on earth. If you looked up "competitive" in the dictionary, you wouldn't see a picture of us. Actually...you'd probably just see the definition for competitive.

Nevertheless...that definition describes us pretty well.

The rules play out such that it makes it very advantageous for women to bunt the kickball and leg out a single. Believe it or not, I'm still pretty swift for an old lady. Every team we've faced has spoken some variety of, "wow...she's fast." It does an old lady's self-esteem a bit of good to hear that. When I bunt...I've never been thrown out...and we've played in 14 games.

Well...there's a first time for everything. Right?

I was sprinting down to first when the pitcher (who had an arm like an absolute cannon) attempted to throw me out. Instead of hurling the ball to the base...he threw it into my legs while I was in full stride. The next thing I knew...my face was skidding across the ground and I was picking grass out of my teeth.

My face stings like a bitch. Scrapes all over. Work should be fun tomorrow. I just hope this doesn't impact my modeling career.

If I wasn't so vain...I'd take a picture of myself to show off my battle wounds.

I wasn't in so much pain that I couldn't appreciate the irony that their team, Cobra Kai, managed to sweep my leg.


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