Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful... 

Hey! What up now, fool!? I'm friendlier than you. Suck on it, loser.

Odds say that I'm probably better looking too.

Ummm, yeah. Charleston was voted the friendliest city in the new survey of America's Favorite Cities!

It's true. I remember walking to work the first few days I was here...

Passerby #1: "Good morning, ma'am"

*Kerry cocks head to one side and doesn't make eye contact with passerby*

Passerby #2: "Hi there!"

*Kerry gives a gangsta head nod. Still doesn't make eye contact.*

Passerby #3: "Nice weather we're having."

Kerry: "What! What is it!? Do I have a boogie hanging? Why do people keep talking to me!? Do I look like some poor desperate soul who needs the exchange of pleasantries with strangers to make it through the dreary and never-ending day!? What!? Tell me!"

So...it turns out that they're just friendly folks. Rating deserved.


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