Illinois vs. Mizzou! Mizzou? Mizzou who? 

Meet Me in St. Louis! (I was just referencing that weird Judy Garland musical, that’s not actually an invitation to meet me in St. Louis).

We are heading to see the 2008 season opener of FIGHTIN’ ILLINI FOOTBALL!

I didn’t go to a game last season. …There were a few things that got in the way.

Reminisce with me about September 2007 – December 2007, won’t you?

I Moved to South Carolina
Started a New Job
Participated in the Chicago Marathon
My Beloved Papa Passed Away

Lots of extremely stressful emotional highs and lows. No real time to see my Illini. I was finally going to get my chance to see them in the Capital One Bowl….but….uhhhh…they got 2nd place in the Rose Bowl instead.

I’m hoping for a really great game. It’s tricky business to taunt the other school’s fans when your team is down by 30+ points (reference Sugar bowl vs. LSU).


“Your band sucks! You call that musicianship!? Pfffft. Your Sousaphones are made out of fiberglass! Posers.”


“You have the homeliest bunch of cheerleaders I’ve ever seen. They tried to enter an ugly contest and the people who ran the contest were all like, “Sorry, No Professionals.””


“Princeton Review ranked your university #35 in its ranking of the nation’s most beautiful campuses. We were ranked #33. Suck on that, losers. Ugly campus for ugly cheerleaders…how fitting.”

See? It just doesn’t have the same bravado as stating football prowess. Wish us luck so I don’t have to rip on the band.


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