Get Some, Sucka!! 

Today I went to a Self-Defense Class for women.

I have to say...I love kicking guys in the crotch. It's awesome.

We were instructed to come up with a word to yell, and to use this word with every punch and kick. Some people screamed "No!" some screamed "Stop!"

I started saying "no," but as my adrenaline started pumping, I found myself wanting to scream a string of profanity.

"Back off, Mother F***er! What! Get some!"

Some of it was eerily realistic, and they really got in there and attacked you when you weren't expecting it...wrapping you up, choking you, pinning you down, putting their hands (freshly sanitized) over your mouth.

I loved the opportunity to unleash on somebody. Loved. It.

We're gonna have to go buy Seth a cup. I need to practice.


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