In the Windy City... 

So I was in the Charlotte Airport last night...walking from concourse to concourse, trying to make my connection to Chicago.

Then...a man stepped in front of me.

"I'm sorry, but you're going to have to stop right there Ma'am."


"Just don't move from that spot."

It took a few minutes to realize that although I was the first one stopped...I wasn't the only one. They weren't letting anybody through.

Some asshole breached security by evading the screeners, and now the entire airport was looking for him.


He's lucky that I didn't find him.

So after 45 minutes of standing perfectly still, I watched as they dragged the asshole away in handcuffs.

But I made it to Chicago! I got to sit next to a bat-shit crazy psychologist (who likely joined the profession in an effort to diagnose her own personality disorder), and I am now keenly aware of the impact that charging $15 for the first checked bag has on fliers. Those flight attendants must be awesome at Tetris, because I have no idea where they stowed all those carry-ons.

My big sis turned 30 yesterday, and I've come out here to help her through this difficult time. ...with wine.


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