Ich Bin Ein Chocolate Chip Cookie... 

I hate hearing about other people’s dreams. My eyes glaze over and I become a bobblehead…nodding at what seem like appropriate times in order to feign attentiveness.

“…and then the unicorn changed out the light bulb in my closet…”

Uggghhhh. Torture. What seems mystical and interesting to you is just blathering nonsense to me.

Dreams. Hardly a window into my soul. On a given night I usually just have nightmares about whatever was on television before I started to snooze.

I absolutely know that this is the origin of my dreams, so why do I watch shows like “Hitler and the Occult” before nodding off? Seth and I watched a show on National Geographic last night where people in secret American fight clubs beat on each other with cookie sheets.

Sure enough, later that night in my dream, I was beating on Hitler with a cookie sheet.

Mystical and interesting to me…blathering nonsense to you all.

Thank you for your time and attention paid to this matter.


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