2 Things of Note... 

1. I’m going back to Chicago!
I haven’t been back since November. I have a 10 mile race with my big sis tomorrow that ends on the 50 yard line of Soldier Field. Woohoo! I haven’t worked much on my endurance so far this year, but my speed is much improved in shorter races (without any specific speed training). I finished 5th for my age/sex group in the last race I ran (5k), and I was only 10 seconds away from 3rd (Keep in mind that this was not a large race, probably 300 participants total). My 10k endeavor at the beginning of April seemed pretty effortless. I’ll hope to replicate that tomorrow, but it isn’t likely. I haven’t put in the miles yet, and my flight gets in at 11:30 PM this evening for a 7:00 AM race downtown tomorrow.

I’ll really enjoy seeing everyone. I’m tired of introducing myself to new people…it’ll be nice to finally go where people know who the hell I am.

2. We got our Wii Fit today! I pre-ordered it online because Seth and I are the types who don’t like grappling with soccer moms in stores.


I apparently have no sense of balance, and it kind of deflates my spirit to have my “personal trainer” call me weak and unbalanced…but it’s still awesome.
I sweat just thinking about it.


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