Funny/Unfunny Link 

I think that this link is funny...

I shared my enthusiasm by telling it to somebody, and somebody didn't think it was funny.

Not. At. All.

Keep in mind that this is the same somebody who often regales me with stories of his/her digestive pyrotechnics. And shares such stories with as much thoughtful detail as one of those Reader's Digest book excerpts. Meaning: Thanks for sharing that chapter of your life with me, but knowing what I know now...it's a safe bet that I'll never buy that paperback.

I mean...really. Have you ever been to TGIFriday's and seen those sugar packets that have the conversation starters on the back (e.g. "If you could have any super power, what would it be?")?

I have yet to pick one of those up that says, "Tell your dinner partner about your last BM."

So in conclusion, I think that Garfield minus Garfield is funny. And some of you who submit poo stories to magazines may disagree.


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