Stoner Conversations... 

Sometimes Seth and I have conversations that I could only imagine within the context of a bong, lava lamps, and Jefferson Airplane music.


We're pretty straight-laced people as far as drugs are concerned. Caffeine and the very occasional alcoholic beverage will cure what ails us.

Fun Kerry Fact: I've never smoked anything at all. Cigarettes included.

So anyways...

We were talking and considered the following...

If you were impregnated with and successfully gave birth to a perfect clone of yourself...do you think that you could raise a better "you" than your parents did?

Assuming that your "child" started with an exact copy of your genetic material, do you think that you would create a better environment for "you?"

Do you think that you would treat that child any differently than one created the old fashioned way?

Do you think those who opt for in vitro fertilization with anonymous sperm donors would prefer to give birth to clones of themselves?

Feel free to drink a beer or two and enter your thoughts in the comments section.

Personally, I wouldn't mind a clone or two of myself lying around to harvest a couple supple organs from...but maybe that's just me.


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