2 cool websites, 1 curiosity, 1 happy maker.... 

Okay, let's start with the happy maker....

It's warming up again here. Yesterday was one of those days that was so perfect in every way. If we had that kind of weather in Chicago, you can bet that people would describe it as their "one day." Meaning...the one day a year in Chicago that has perfect weather. Anyways, we've had a few days in the mid 70s (woohoo! I love March) and things are starting to bloom. There's one plant that I walk by on my way to work that smells exactly like a raspberry wheat beer. I don't drink (heavily) before I get to work, but I imagine that this is the next best thing. Delicious.

I've been going to these two websites every day for a while now, but I enjoy them and thought you all might too...

1. www.freerice.com
I start all of my days with free rice. It's a vocabulary quiz that donates 20 grains of rice for every question you get right. The level of difficulty increases with the number of correct answers. I maxed out at level 44, but usually average about 41 or 42.

2. Walkjogrun.net
For those who enjoy walking around their neighborhoods, this uses google maps, and will allow you to map out your exact route to see how far you've traveled. It is precisely one mile from home to work.

And finally, a curiosity...

If the smell of food can trigger hunger...can the smell of poop trigger the urge to move your bowels?

Seth and I are undecided, but are willing to participate in the control group if the rest of you are willing to smell poop.


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