Caution: You Will Get Wet... 

The Southeastern Wildlife Expo has come into town, and it seemed like a perfect weekend diversion (mostly because I scored free weekend passes and many of the events were within walking distance).

It's basically just a lot of Jack Hanna lectures, birds of prey, and fried twinkies that are spread out all over the city.

Today we headed over to Brittlebank Park to see some Doggie Dock Diving.

At first...it kinda seemed like doggie amateur hour.

You suck, "Maggie." Go back home and eat your Wheaties...urrr...kibble, or whatever will make you suck less.

But then...

Holy shit!

We stayed and only watched one heat out of six in the competition. The finals are tomorrow and the winning pooch will take home a fat one hundred dollar prize.

With mad cash like that, I'm sure that Fido will get all the bitches (*snort* ...sorry, couldn't resist a lame female dog = bitch joke)


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