Who is Ron Paul? 

Ron Paul and I are BFF (Best Friends Forever). This is me and Ron just hangin':

Kerry: "You're my personal hero!"

Ron Paul: "You seem genuinely excited to see me!"

Seth: "We're big fans and huge Libertarians!"

Kerry: "I'm totally gonna blog this when I get home, Ron!"

The South Carolina primary nears. Ron Paul would have my vote if I was eligible to vote here. We ran into him after eating chicken wings at a local establishment. He was alone except for a guy with a camcorder.

As evident from the picture, I've had a LOT of alcohol. In other weird news, some bartender at the bar we went to tonight recognized me. We're from the same high school on the South Side o' Chicago. We're also from the same junior high and grammar school. We drank to celebrate the occasion. Crazy!?


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