Overheard in Charleston... 

I know, it's rare for Kerry to write two blog posts in one week let alone one day. ...but lucky you! You get to suckle at the ample teat that is my creativity.

Actually, I overheard some valley girls today and didn't want to forget the meat of their conversation...it must be preserved in its entirety for posterity.

Scene: A drugstore.

Girl #1 in line to check-out points at a tabloid

Girl #1: "OMG! Jamie Lynn Spears is giving up her baby!"

Girl #2: "Yeah, I read that one already."

Girl #1: "She should give it to Oprah. I think Oprah would be a good Mom 'cause she would be able to buy Gucci onesies."

Girl #2: "Or she could give the kid to Brangelina."

Girl #1: "No...they only like 3rd world babies."

Utterly hysterical in its unintentional vapidity. Loved it.


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