I'm getting a ton of folks from the West Coast end up here because they're wondering and googling "what's an Illini?"

Oh. You'll find out today, my friends.

Welcome to my blog! As I'm sure you already know, quite a few people underestimate the Illini football team. Well, David has had a few weeks to load up his slingshot. Ready yourself, Goliath.

Enough about football and back to the reason you're here...what is an Illini? Well, here's my shitty reader's digest abridged version...keep looking on the web, you'll find a more complete answer:

The Illini were a confederation of tribes in the Mississippi Valley area consisting of the Peoria, Kaskaskia, Tamaroa, Cahokia, and Michigamea tribes. Of course, "Illiniwek" means "men" and gave the state of Illinois her name (after some minor tweaking by the French).

They grew maize, squash, and pumpkins.

...but TROJANS are the main staple of their diet.

Learning is FUNdamental, ladies and germs.


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