Chicago Marathon...shut down? 

When I was running the marathon today...I was confused, but it wasn't because of the heat. Nobody told me that the race had been shut down. There were about 5-10 people on stretchers for each of miles 14, 15, and 16...and hydration stations were completely out of Gatorade and many had no water. I was lucky enough to only experience two water stations without water, but my sister was just a little bit behind me, and said that she experienced 3 consecutive water stations without water. For those who don't know what that means...it means running at least 6 miles in 88 degree mid-day heat with no hydration. That's scary and dangerous.

They were out of water at the SECOND water station (25 minutes into the race). It was a bad omen. I love Chicago, but this is horribly embarrassing for the city. How can there possibly be a Chicago Olympics when you can't get water to people on a hot day?

I'm already seeing things in the media from race planners that said they had plenty of water at each of the stations. It pisses me off. If you had the water...pour it into cups, assholes!

The kind people of Wrigleyville/Lincoln Park (although probably Cubs fans) were wonderful and let me drink water from their hoses. People were running in and out to give me water and ice from their homes. The people of Chicago really picked up the slack. It was extremely welcome and needed.

I had finished 18 miles before I got word. I had to ask people why they were stopping. I really didn't know. It sucks.

I'll write more about this. I'm really disappointed with the planners. A lot of people got hurt.


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