I'm FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


No job to go to tomorrow. I'm unemployed until Monday.

I'll be perfectly honest with you...there was a faint twinge of sadness starting to creep into my psyche...

but that sadness was immediately followed by the overwhelming sensation to strip down completely naked and run through the halls of my office screaming, "I Wanna Be an Airborne Ranger!".

Of course...I couldn't quite give in to that urge...

I decided to leave my socks on. It was quite the ensemble.

So here I am. Once again...in a completely empty home (I have some clothing, a computer, and a vacuum cleaner). I'll spend tonight sleeping on the floor, and tomorrow I'll make the drive to South Carolina where Seth will be waiting.

I moved out here about two years ago, and have really enjoyed my time spent in "America's First Region." I always seem to find myself in scenarios of unexpected contentment, which is certainly a nice surprise for someone who often falls ass-backwards through life.

I'm lucky.

And so ends another chapter.

Peace out, Chesapeake, VA.


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