"Between Jobs" and in Charleston 

So I drove out to South Carolina on Thursday and officially made the move. My body and toothbrush are here, but my mind is somewhere else completely. It hasn't hit me that I'm here for good...but...I'm sure that reality will give me a good bitch-slap across the face tomorrow when I start my new job.

Reality: always bitch-slappin' the unsuspecting.

Seth was an absolute doll (though not the lead-infused kind made in the People's Republic) and unpacked a lot of boxes before I ever arrived. In previous moves, I've often been able to grow a fairly successful unibrow before unpacking the box that contains my tweezers. Not this time! Unibrow no more! In fact, I was so delighted to find the tweezers in the drawer that I totally went Whoopi Goldberg on my face.

She always has a look on her face that expresses the verbal equivalent of, "where'd my eyebrows go?"

Okay, back to my point (as if there was actually a point to anything I write)...

I really love the place we're living. I can grab a beer, sit outside on the balcony and watch trains, boats, and a wide variety of people scatter by. It's the kind of peaceful place that makes me want to kick back and say, "No Problem, Mon" in my best Jamaican accent (which sounds more like a pirate who had a stroke).

I'm nervous about the job, but I'll let you know how that goes (tomorrow is just orientation, I won't actually meet anyone I'm working with).


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