What Happened to Kerry: A Short, Fact-Filled Narrative 

So...what happened to Kerry? To K-Dizzle? To the Blog Goddess of Virginia? Etc?

Well. Gather around the sharing carpet, children. Kerry will tell you a story.

It looked for a while as though we'd be moving. I've been here for about two years, so it seemed like time to move on to bigger and better things. The Navy gave us a list of possible locations where my Sethie would be useful, and...it really looked like we'd be moving to DC...a place that really feels like home to me. I know people in DC. I could get back into economics...and I really miss economics. I was pretty happy. I peed myself a little.

Then, I started to have a renewed interest in my work here. Transportation Engineering is a kooky world, and I do believe that should I ever go back into the ivy covered lecture halls, it would be for a masters in transportation engineering.

Upward sloping lines that signify "demand?" Wow...I need to know more.

Actually, the above graph relates to traffic flow during an incident (an incident being something that impacts traffic...an accident, stalled car, etc.). The triangle is equal to the time you (as motorists) lose when some asshole stops in the center lane of a highway to breastfeed her baby (hey...it happens). For extra credit...how does the graph change during rush hour? how about when there's a second incident caused from all the people gawking at the breastfeeding chick (rubber-neckers)?

Hey! You! Wake Up!

See...I told you it was interesting stuff.

Anyways, so I was kind of into work, but also excited about the prospect of moving to DC.

Then, we get told that we're moving to...

*Drum Roll*

Charleston, South Carolina.





I ummm. I still haven't quite managed that fact yet. The fact that I'm moving to the deep deep south. I'm leaving a job and location I relatively enjoy for...well...nothing.

I've known for several weeks now, and it's been a daily challenge to smile. We've done everything in our power to change it, but alas, looks like we're stuck in Ft. Sumter.

So, in a few months (2-3), we'll be gathering up...selling our home, and setting out to the South in order to wage daily battles with Palmetto bugs.

Quite frankly...I'm worried about the direction of my career. I've dropped a few thousand resumes from a crop dusting plane...I've had a few nibbles in a very short period of time, and it looks like I can at least garner an improved salary from the move (in an area with a much lower cost of living). But what on earth do I want to do? I desperately want to move forward in one unified direction. I think the absolute terror that I'm feeling is suppressing any kind of depression I might be going through.

I think that's a sufficient update for now...

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