Interviewing, hiring, and training my replacement... 

So...I'm finding someone to replace me at my current job (which I'll be leaving 4 weeks from today). It's strange, to say the least.

It's so cute that people think I'm kidding when I say that I've found someone to replace me who is technically competent... but who won't ever have the capability to outshine my legacy.

I've already procured a little velvet rope, so people on tours of our facility will be able to walk by my cube, but won't be able to enter and disturb the shrine. And I've requested that my shrine not be anything fancy...a few pictures and candles...a tiny idol of me that people can make offerings to. Maybe a gong. That would be cool. You know...let's not go crazy.

I'm the first and only analyst they've ever had. I've got such a good relationship with my boss and my employer that it only seemed right to stay as long as I could to help train someone new. Of course...my new job wants me right away...so I'll have 4 days in between the old and the new...with a 6.5 hour drive in between.

It really seems overwhelming at the moment. I want to do a good job for my duration of my current position, because I really care about these people. ...but...I feel like I'm hanging on by a very thin thread at the moment... and want to give my new employer every opportunity to not get some stressed, burned-out, crazy-ass crack-head.

I've got plenty of time-off saved up, so I'll be going to work every day...but won't hesitate to take many many half-days in order to get things prepared for my move and restore some mental health.

I think it'll be fine in the end...but these next 2 months are gonna be CRAZY!


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