HURRY HURRY! This post will be heavily edited in 24 hours to exclude many details... 

If you haven't heard....I'll soon be a Southern Belle. I'm moving to Charleston, South Carolina in September. Seth will be on dry land for at least 2 years, and I'm happy to have him in the flesh (even if it is in Charleston).

I just accepted a job offer today. It's the one I was referring to a few posts ago.

I really thought I'd resort to selling my body for a few months while looking for gainful employment.

That's how it was for my first job hunt out of grad school. I thought I was going to have to pay someone to let me work. ...or (at the very least) start auctioning off my eggs (I've actually looked into that quite extensively).

The job market is EXTREMELY tight, ladies and germs. We can't find anyone who wants to replace me at my job either. And all we want is someone friendly with a business degree and Microsoft Office experience.

So...new job. It's about 1 mile from where we're going to live... and the office is in an awesome old 1880's fire house (there's even a pole!), with a coffee house and a deli on the way. I love the idea of walking to work, then walking to a bar after work (my future co-workers tell me that they're avid post-work pub dwellers), then walking home. The city is beautiful and likely the most historically preserved place I've ever been.

Which brings me to...the new home. It's a pretty condo with covered parking and all that HGTV bullshit (granite, slate, hardwood floors, etc) that people have to have in order to be happy (apparently). It's small (since it's downtown), but certainly large enough for people to crash. ...and it's about a 10 minute walk to 10 bars. C'mon down folks!

Starting in October, We'll be doling out the Southern hospitality.

Yes, I'm sad to leave here. I love the people I've met, and I hope that some will decide to pack up and take the 6.5 hour drive to come visit. I'm also sad that it isn't Chicago. I miss my life in Chicago, the fam, and all the friends.

But this is it folks. I'm making the proverbial lemonade outta what I've been dealt (but I'm usually too lazy for that and just grab the Country Time from the cabinet).

Y'all come back now, hear!?


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