Check out the gams on me! 

Here I am, Week 4 completed.

To make a long story short, my big sis wanted to run the Chicago Marathon this year...so I've decided to join the fun. I'll get into more detail later, but I'm raising money for GLASA (Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association). They provide organized sports for physically disabled folks (wheelchair basketball, sled hockey) in the Chicago area. I'm loving the added motivation and the cause. They do good things for people who deserve it. And as Paris Hilton might say from her crib at Sing Sing..."that's hot."

So I've rekindled my love affair with pounding the pavement.

Running is (and always has been) tied to my self-esteem and sense of self. It just took a little something to get me going again...and just like a relapsed addict...I'm high again.

But I'm not 16 anymore. ...and my body isn't too happy with the bump in workouts from twice/week to 5-6 times/week.

"I want cake and the cornucopia of other cubicle-land goodies," says my newly developed 'office ass.'

The office ass is a demanding mistress...never satisfied with sugar-free candy or cookies. Uggggghhhhh...Sugar-Free Cookies: "Now with Ass Flavored after-taste!"

The only time I might get any 'exercise' at work is when I walk to the kitchen and shovel more shit into my face. The O.A. is just one of many unexpected surprises from my mostly sedentary career. Unfortunately, I've lost almost any musculature that I ever had.

So just to recap: Cookies en masse. No muscle mass. Office ass.

Which brings us back to the title of this post. My gams. They're changing for the better and it's making me really happy. ...I can call 'em gams again instead of sticks! or spindles!

...ok, well maybe I'm not that far along. But the progress is encouraging!


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