Food Blog 

Just some cool stuff that I've spotted over the past couple weeks...
In no particular order:

Baker's Edge Brownie Pan: for fat-asses who can't be without edges on their brownies. Mmmmm. Edges.

Latte Art: I'm always keen on interesting mediums of art. I've always wanted to vacuum portraits into people's living room carpets and charge rich morons $2500 a pop. I can't seem to find any evidence of this market. Nonetheless...people seem to have caught on to latte art.

Bacon Band-aids: For when your skin is raw. Kinda strange. Kinda kitschy. Kerry like.
Plus, they help me remember to get my daily servings of bacon.

...and last but not least...I'm sure some of you have seen these before...

The Octodog.
We had a barbecue at work on Friday. I requested that my boss make my wieners look like octopuses. He obliged the best he could, but this feat should not be attempted without the Octodog. My poor wiener looked like he was beaten with a sack of nickels.


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