Just Call Me Spiderwoman 

Rock Climbing...combining all of my weaknesses into one cute little package.

Weakness #1: Tying knots. In Girl Scouts, I was that sad little girl who had to sit idle and wait for the troop leader to come by and tie all her knots for her during craft time. Don't get me wrong...I can tie one hell of an ugly knot. But should that knot be used in a friendship bracelet ("Ugghhh, Kerry...what the hell is this!? I thought we were FRIENDS")? or used to hold all of my weight as I'm flung off the top of a 30 foot high wall? No. Probably knot. *snort*

Weakness #2: Using my arms. Much like my ass is simply a pelvic bone with skin stretched across...my arms are nothing but ornamental appendages. In third grade...I did a pull-up and my body went into shock....it never recovered. Sure...they're attractive...they serve the all important purpose of getting the beer from the table to my lips...they swing in a pendulum like fashion to keep me upright. Should I rely on them to cling to a wall while 30 feet in the air? ...uhhh...I'd rather trust my ugly knot.

Weakness #3: Being trusted to keep my beautiful husband from hitting the ground like a Hefty Bag filled with vegetable soup. Sweet Sethie. So trusting of my ability to belay. I even suspect he's aware of weaknesses #1 and #2.

But we're alive! And my arms are still attached! And my knot held! Good times. Good times.


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