Throw homosapien out the fricken window today....Drunkae Ursus Fanus Chicagous. My name is Kerry, and I'm an alcoholic Bears fan.

The Bears. The Bears are inexplicably intertwined to my family traditions and sense of self. The Bears are the background music of my life. I'm from Chicago. It's smashmouth, it's up the gut, orange and blue, sausage eating, shuffle dancing, sweatshirt wearing, Old Style drinking family fun.

Many of my dearest family members are long departed, but any memories that I can piece together of their likenesses include a Bears sweatshirt, a game, and a beer.

It hurts that I can't be in Chicago to share something with my family that I feel like we've waited so long and worked so hard for.

In the grand tradition of the Superfans, here is my prediction:

Bears 70, Colts 2...and although not coming from Chicago, the sausage will be delicious and of the highest quality.


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