I got shot! 

...or rather I should say... "I got a shot"

I've gotten some kind of nasty virus that makes my insides want to come out to play...and I didn't even eat any peanut butter. So I went to Dr. S&M who likes to cause people pain. I should've known that something was amiss when the word 'shot' was mentioned. And of course it was a booty shot.

For those who aren't long time readers, let me explain something about my ass...it's basically my pelvic bone with a thin layer of skin stretched across. So I really wasn't kidding when she stuck the needle in and I screamed, "Gosh lady! You hit bone!"

So here I am, basically too weak to move anywhere besides up and down the stairs in my own home. I'm down to a little less than 110lbs...and for someone 5'8"...that's very not good.
And while they told me that it wasn't bacterial, I'll have trouble ever eating Mexican food again (I had Mexican food all 3 days prior to being ill).

Damn, why can't I ever be violently ill after eating like...squash? I could tolerate a lifelong aversion to squash...but tacos? c'mon.


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