Christmas Break! 

Wooo hoo!

I took off a few days from work and came out here to the Midwest so Seth and I can do our annual tour of the Chicago and St. Louis areas.

Sorry folks, People keep asking what's wrong with me...and why I don't post anymore. Well...since November, Seth came back into town, plus I've had a regular revolving door of guests coming through our condo in the past two months (mom, dad, lynn, rick, baby, seth's dad, kyle, zach). I was sick for that little bit of time, took a short vacation to Washington, and I've had weddings and Christmas parties up the yahoo. All in the past 7 weeks.

I'm going to be CRAZY busy at work in the coming month (putting together our annual report), so I'll likely be coming up for air in the form of this blog. I've got lots to share, and all you people out there to share it with.

Oh, and people keep calling me 'Elaine' at work...but it couldn't be because of my wicked cool dancing at the Christmas party.

"Kerry...I know you've read those chicken soup books about dancing like nobody's watching...but...uhhh, maybe once in a while...you should...uhhh...dance like somebody is watching...it's better for everyone involved."

Listen people...I have a gift to share with the world. It's the gift of dance. Either get over it, or grab my hips and join the conga line.


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