Part II, Learning to Love Again.... 

So yesterday, I told you that I finally let him go.

My first love was quickly (and fairly easily) replaced by a new love.

Say hello to Coby. My 2007 Orange Chevy Cobalt Coupe. Note his cute little sun roof and everything. If it wasn't November (and if I had a little less self-respect), I'd be draped on the hood in a one-piece granny bathing suit with a little skirt (bikinis are so overdone).

Fruits of labor are delicious. I'll never feel bad for waking up every day and going to a job I really enjoy and driving a car I think is lots of fun.

....and doesn't that picture do wonders to make my ass look like a helipad and my leg look like it's a 5 foot long piece of conduit?


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