Life Change, Part III! 

I've turned 25!

Quarter of a century.

As Seth would say, "We're 25! Now we can go out and rent cars (without a surcharge) that we can then use for our congressional campaigns!"

It's mad sweet. My 'rents came all the way out to celebrate with me (on account of Seth not being around)...and then my Aunt and Uncle showed up the week after that to deliver me some Berry Weiss (not sold in VA)! (In addition to some frozen Nino's pizzas!!!! Nino's is my former place of employment and favorite pizza joint in Chi-town...if I still worked there I'd weigh so much that a nurse would have to periodically turn me and sponge bathe underneath my folds of skin so I didn't develop bed sores on account of my girth. The food is THAT good).

So...what does 25 feel like?

Hmmm, feels like I'm an adult (an adult who loves Nerf Basketball and excellent fart jokes)


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