I'm Back...but I'm not... 

For those outside the blogging world...let me give you a little run-down. After you haven't posted in a while...you start to feel the pressure. Each new day that you haven't posted adds a new level of pressure.

After all, here you are, dear readers. You haven't given up on me. You're all still tuning in...waiting to read about the life of Kerry. And I think you know that I'm no good. I'm like the last piece of toilet paper on the roll...every day...day in and day out...you see me...I'm just hanging around...clinging on to the edge with all my might...full of un-tapped potential. Alas, I'll never be good enough to wipe someone's bum.

On a related note...what a cruel fate it is to find the last sheet of toilet paper on the roll after going to the bathroom. Then realizing that the toilet paper is stored a squat, skip, and jump away...

Poor little Kleenex. He never saw it coming. I mean, a life of collecting snot is one thing...but I'm not sure if an 'emergency TP substitute' was in his job description.

I once read somewhere (in something I wrote) that freaky tangents are a tool of the most prolific writers.


Anyways, I feel like I have to come up with ultra-interesting and funny things to make up for my absence. But nothing. I gots nothing.

Okay, so I have lots of things. But nothing I've sat down to articulate. I feel like I've been through (and will be going through) some major life events (okay, so maybe 'major life events' is a tad exaggerated) in the past month or so, and I need a moment or two to reflect.

So bare with me (I'm organizing a group streaking session later)....

and bear with me too. I've got lots to share, but won't have a lot of time to share it.


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